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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Miss Van at Stolen Space

If you're out and about on the first Thursday Art Train tomorrow, Miss Van is the one to see. Get on down to Stolen Space at the Truman Brewery, Oct 1st from 6.30pm. Show runs until the 18th Oct.

Toulouse native and current Barcelona resident Miss Van started to paint her graffiti on the streets during the 90s, at the age of 18. Her overtly feminine street art was a breath of fresh air in a traditionally masculine movement of urban art and paved the way for many contemporaries. Now her infamous sultry female characters, known as her ‘Poupes’, are seen on the streets and in galleries alike all over the world.

From these pouting, sulky girls emerges a certain sensuality and disconcerting eroticism that is frank and unabashed. Their thoughts are palpable and the paintings become real in both flesh and spirit. Miss Van creates her characters with an innovative spirit. Affirming her style, the artist infuses into her work traits from her own personality, rendering them thus, self-portraits. It is through their fantasy that the sensitivity and fragility of the artist is expressed. She takes pleasure in playing with ambiguities, her dolls are childlike women that are equally angelic and devilish. They have a rare appeal that transcends gender-an appeal that also extends to the work that she shows in galleries.

Over the years, Miss Van’s characters keep evolving. They have become less cute and more dangerously alluring, edgier - their sexy aura made all the more complex by their increasingly ambiguous facial expressions. The more she has moved into gallery work and can work with the nuances of more fragile media than the streets allow (pencil, for one), her characters have grown even more sensitive, subtle, and delicately rendered.

Featuring a retrospective of her work & new paintings this show will also see the release of a rare exclusive hand pulled limited edition screen print from Miss Van.


LAB @ SZIGET festival Budapest

This Summer LAB went over to Sziget festival to join in with the Arcadom Wall installation. The wall is 50x2 meters, one side decorated by European Street artists the other for the Festival crazies to have a go. The Wall commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the demolition of the Iron curtain along Hungary's western border and later the Berlin wall itself.

ARCADOM-WALL: "Everything is allowed as long as you are FREE"
The Arcadom-Wall was built to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the change of political system in Eastern Europe.
With the party state and it's ideology gone, the notion of Freedom gained new meaning in 1989.
The demolition of the Iron curtain along Hungary's western border and later the Berlin wall itself, triggered the transition to democracy across Eastern Europe. These two emblematic events have inspired the creation of the Arcadom-Wall.
More Pics on FaceBook


Wish You Were Here - NYC in London

What in NYC is going on here, this Saturday from 11am see's the launch of 'Wish you were here'. London's Newburgh Quarter (I didn't know it existed either) trades places with NYC's Lower East side for a month of city swapping, bagel poppin, hot dogging fun shopping. With pop up boutiques, free Bagels & Coffee then munch down on some Bodean's BBQ.

Wish You were here ends the month Bobbing for apples and jack-o’-lanterns galore! The Newburgh Quarter will feature a New York style Halloween Party themed: Famous New Yorkers! So come down as Woody Allen, Sammy Davis Jr, Edward Hooper or any other New York great for a street-wide Halloween party. The party will include a street food fest, live performances, and prizes for the best costumes of the day.

The Wish You Were Here Pop-Ups in the Newburgh Quarter can be found at:
8 Newburgh Street and 3 Lowndes Court (Open daily, 11-7 Monday to Saturday; 12-6 Sunday)


Pop Life at the The Tate Modern

pop life
Oct 1st- Jan 17th at the Tate modern, an exhibition dedicated to a bunch of usual superstar big gallery artists. You gets Andy Warhol in red and black, Jeff Koons going at it with his old Italian Pron star girlfriend La Cicciolina. Takashi Murakami's Here's Hiropon, a cheeky big breasted minx for all to masticate at, pieces from Damien Hirst’s 2008 auction and a reconstruction of Keith Haring’s pop shop.

Also featuring Gavin Turk as Sid Vicious, Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas bring the Bethnal Green shop back to life and the Dead Horse with INRI sign spiked through the poor feller by Maurizio Cattelan.

Get yourself on down.


Obey V's Jordan

Mr Slam Dunk Sir 'Air' Michael Jordan & Shepard Obama Fairey obviously aint got enough cash these days. They've teamed up with Upper Deck to release a set of three prints in two editions. The first edition is of 50 with both players signatures on the deal and going out at $1499.99 a pop.

Press Release:-
Together with acclaimed artist Shepard Fairey, Upper Deck presents this specially commissioned artwork featuring 2009 Hall of Famer Michael Jordan. Shepard, who is known for creative street art campaigns and iconic pieces of work (like his memorable “HOPE” portrait of President Barack Obama), has now added Michael Jordan to his select list of subjects.

"Everything about Michael Jordan is iconic, from his slam dunks to his signature shoes, to his tongue wagging, to his number, so he makes a great subject for portraiture because everything about him is laced with cultural significance," Shepard said. "You can tell from the look in his eyes, even back when he was at the University of North Carolina, that he was obsessed with greatness, but he also managed to do everything with a sense of flair. I think it's that combination of intensity and style, and of course his singular talent, that make him the embodiment of a legend."

Don't miss your opportunity to own this visually stunning, 26'' wide x 36'' high, unframed 'Chicago Bulls' silkscreen print signed by Michael Jordan and Shepard Fairey. Order now!

Upper Deck- See and if you want buy the set.


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Mutate - One Foot In the Grove

Mutate Britain is back 8th - 25th Oct, Under the Westway Ladbroke Grove, W10 5YU. Open Fri/Sat & Sun 2-10pm.

It's back! Mutate Britain is returning west; to the Westway in fact, with its One Foot in the Grove exhibition featuring some of the most diverse and cutting edge sculptures, paintings and installations seen yet.
Mutate daily updates
Mutate Viral


Notre Damn gets the Eye

JR pastes up along the bank of Notre Dame

Along the the side of Ile de la Cite the home of Notre Damn in central Paris. We found JR and his team pasting his latest mega piece, Women are Hero's. All across the walls down along the river Seine, It's BIG. Jump on a boat cruise and get up close.


Thursday, 24 September 2009

LAB - September Newsletter

Hi everyone,

What a great summer it's been! LAB has been busy busy busy, and we have lots of treats in store for you in this edition of the LAB newsletter. So, first things first... our new print!

New Print
LAB is very excited to announce the release of the much anticipated next instalment of The Prodigy Vs print. This time we’re collaborating with the in demand proto-punk pop polymath Stuart Semple. Coinciding with The Prodigy’s sell-out European and UK tour, Run with the Wolves, our latest print is now available.

All prints have been personally hand finished by Stuart. Using patented glow-in-the-dark ink Stuart has created some extra special details so that you can still enjoy your print when the lights are off. And if that wasn't enough, LAB has also produced another, smaller edition with gold foil fangs. Available here

Superoboturbo Solo Show – The Ship of Fools Gallery, The Hague
Our friend from the Netherlands, Superoboturbo, has just opened a new show at the Ship of Fools gallery in the Hague. Photos here. It has been a while since we released the last print by Jordy, so next month will see an even more colourful print released by LAB.

LAB Print Draw
Our winner this month is T. Duggington (Leeds). He will be receiving one of our new special edition gold foil Stuart Semple prints worth 300GBP. Entering is easy – just go to our website and click on the print draw tab.

What's on this month...
The 9th of October sees the opening of Adam Neate’s second solo show at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms in London. Adam is one of LABs favourite artists and an amazing talent. If you are in the area then this show is not to be missed. Jef Aerosol heads to Dublin for a show at Gallery Zozimus. His flickr sets are well worth a browse too if you have a few spare minutes. And finally our friend Antony Micallef opens his first solo show in three years at Lazarides gallery in Rathbone place.

Thanks for reading,
Morgan & Jason