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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Alexone, Pas Pieds Show 7 at Stolen Space

French Artist Alexone shows his latest work over at DFace's East London leading contemporary urban gallery, Stolen Space. From August 21st.

‘Pas Pied. Show 7’ opening at the StolenSpace Gallery on the 21st August will showcase new works by renowned French graffiti artist Alexone. This much anticipated solo show will feature paintings in spraypaint and acrylic on paper and canvas. This show will also see the release of a new screen print hand pulled by the artist.

Born In 1976 Alexone now lives and works in Paris. Coming from a graffiti background he rose to fame in the early 90’s with his striking letter-based tags (under the name of Oedipe - Oedipus) appearing on the streets of Paris. Since then his distinctive work has won him a reputation far beyond France and exhibitions all over Europe, among them Paris, Hamburg, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels. Alexöne regularly collaborates with other urban artists, among them members of the GM and 9e Concept groups. With whom he exhibited in a group show in the Pompidou Centre in January this year.

The humans or animals that figure in Alexöne’s work are often humorous and playful, his bright colours, eccentric characters and hilarious scenes easily provoking laughter. He also likes to include lots of references and curious associations of ideas, generating a real sense of closeness between the artist and the viewer who gets the point. Yet Alexöne’s work offers more than pictorial humour. A closer look reveals a grave unease, this excess of crazy jokes, disguises, contortions and fantastical animals inducing a sense of obscure disturbance. This ambivalence of humour and unease is a crucial element of the work, provoking in the viewer a questioning that leaves a lasting impression.

Alexone’s first book “Came A Yeux” (Drugs For The Eyes) was published last year by Kitchen 93. Signed copies of which will be on sale throughout the exhibition.


Sunday, 10 August 2008

Black Rat Press Gallery - Big Issue Show

We checked out the great Black Rat Press, Big Issue show and took a few photo's. Highlights included the amazing Joker CMYK dots painting by Pure Evil. DFace, The Krah, Ron English, Blek Le Rat & Eine were among the many artists who donated work for the good cause.

More Photo's from the show


Saturday, 9 August 2008

Underground Urban Art The Foundry London

The Krah & co have put together this fine urban art show.
Head over to East London on Thursday 28th August at The Foundry, 86 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JL. Old Street tube. With Artists such as Pure Evil, The Krah, Hutch, Snub, Copyright, Pam Glew, Blam, Kai1, 45rpm.



Oh Death hanging in Splendor and the Byron Bay Stupid Krap show.
Click to see more pictures


Friday, 8 August 2008

Draw On The Walls - Brighton

The good people at Visual Imprints are offering the chance to draw on the walls, play your own music and drink your own booze. This Saturday from 8pm on the Brighton Seafront. 9-12 Middle Street Brighton.

Visual Imprints are holding there first draw on the walls event down at the artspace just off the seafront in Brighton this Saturday at 8pm!

If you have ever been in a gallery and wanted to draw on the walls, this event is for you... They are inviting people to draw all over the gallery wall, and on the tonne of canvases we are scattering all over. The artwork will be left up all week for everyone to see and we will be auctioning off the canvases people have drawn on during the night, so you can buy your own masterpiece back again!

A few of the resident artists will be down and creating stuff during the night too, so you could catch a bargain!

All the money raised helps us to keep the space running and fund new artists works and projects.

If you are in or near Brighton and fancy something a bit different to start your Saturday night out then come down, chat to the artists, draw on the wall and listen to some tunes. Bring your own alcohol and save some cash too!


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Free Radical - A Celebration Of Urban Art

ArtJuggler Presents Free Radical

A Celebration Of Urban Art at Cast 49-51 Thomas Street Manchester. With LAB art collaborators Dan Kitchener, Superoboturbo, Sztuka-Fabryka and Pure Evil. Along with Hush, Rugman, Dotmasters, Prefab, Motorboy, Kerry Roper & K-Guy. Saturday 30th August from 6.30pm. Drinks and Music.

Check out the Cast web store for all your Skate needs.


Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Where Mighty Giants Dwell - Byron Bay Australia

Our Australian friends Stupid Crap have put together this fine urban art exhibition, straight out of Splendor in the Grass festival, Byron Bay. Little Art Book is represented by Oh Death, Adam Mallet, Ink Fetish & The Krah. If you are lucky enough to be in the area be sure to Check it out!

Other artists on show Buff Monster, Kelsey Brookes, Ben Frost, Jeremyville, Numskull and many more. At the Retrospect Galleries from Friday the 1st August.


Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Big Issue Art Exibition 9th August 2008

The Krah is one of the many amazing artists who have donated work for this one day charity event at the Black Rat Press.

A charity show in aid of the Big Issue Foundation. In what must be one of the most impressive line ups of the year 40 artists have kindly donated works to this show and all proceeds go towards helping the homeless. Confirmed artists so far include: Dotmasters, Dface, Eine, Mantis, Matt Small, Swoon, Nick Walker, Peter Kennard, Cat Picton Phillipps, Ron English, Herakut, Jamie Reid, Andrew Mcattee, Charming Baker, Robert Sample, Elbowtoe, Hush, Pure Evil, Julian Opie, Miss Bugs, Modern Toss, Ruth Marten, Dan Baldwin, Peter Blake, Logan hicks, Armsrock, Cyclops, Beejoir, Chris Stain, Labrona, Anthony Lister, Copyright, Blek Le Rat, Gaia, K Guy, James Mylne, Eelus, SPQR, Neverwork, LET, Dog Byte, Static, Jef Aerosol, The Krah, Pam Glew, Mr Jago, C215, Part2ism, Tony Gray, David Walker, RYCA, Dr D, Mighty Monkey, AME72, Christopher Remy, Rene Gagnon, Zac Walsh, Bandit, with more artists to be announced closer to the time.


Searching For The Perfect Line

The New Show from the legendary Dave the Chimp at the Vicious Gallery Hamburg, Germany. July 26th – August 23rd 2008

The title of this show relates primarily to skateboarding. A "line" is a route a skateboarder takes through a skatepark or other urban landscape, making tricks along the way. Looking for lines, getting them wired, then looking for new ones, is a constant aim, and the Chimp, as a skateboarder for over 20 years, is still constantly searching. This search takes place not only in the skatepark, but also in the studio.

The title also relates to the act of writing graffiti, and looking for flowing lines and letterforms that are quick and stylish to paint. In a lesser way, the Chimp is also searching for a new way of living, having recently quit London, his home for 12 years, and moved to Berlin, and also searching for a wife, considering the curves of a woman's body the "greatest lines God ever drew".

The exhibition will focus on new work created specifically for this show, plus experiments from the last few years - exploring the aforementioned themes, especially typographic elements, the curves of skateparks, and flowing/one line drawings. Though these ideas and pieces have been forming over a number of years, this is the first time the Chimp has presented them in an exhibition.

Also on display will be two new animated video pieces. The first of these, "Self Portrait, July 2008", was created in the Chimps living space, which is also his office and studio, and the centre of his world since moving to Berlin in April 2008.

The second piece, "One Line Is All You Need", shows the creation and erasure of simple, yet surprisingly clever, characters drawn with just one line. The Chimp developed these as a quick way of creating images, similar to the speed and style involved in a traditional graffiti "tag". Alongside the video piece will be the painting created to make the animation. This draws attention to the layers of graffiti we see in our major cities, and also, ultimately, to the "buff" – the removal or covering of graffiti by city employees and property owners.

A 40 page photocopy fanzine, showing work created in the streets and studio, is also available.


Totoro Forest Project - San Francisco

Inkfetish has designed a ink on paper piece for the Totoro Forest Project auction. Being held at the world famous Pixar animation studious, San Francisco this September.

The brief was to design a piece based on the film My Neighbor Totoro. All of the pieces of art were reviewed by Ghibli as the characters were not allowed to resemble the the characters from the film too closely for reasons concerning copyright infringement. Inkfetish found it a challenge to create a balance between capturing the essence of the character and at the same time retaining his own style.

Check the Inkfetish site for more info www.inkfetish.co.uk


Monday, 4 August 2008



Dan Kitchener has been out and about in Southampton.

Dan's been at it again this time he's done a couple of pieces at the Southampton Supercans. With a new landscape piece and a variation of the now infamous Formation B, this time with bones. It's well worth a peek. There are some great local artists involved, check the flicker site for photos.


Look out for Dan at Free for wall 3 at the Brick Lane gallery this August.