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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Alexone, Pas Pieds Show 7 at Stolen Space

French Artist Alexone shows his latest work over at DFace's East London leading contemporary urban gallery, Stolen Space. From August 21st.

‘Pas Pied. Show 7’ opening at the StolenSpace Gallery on the 21st August will showcase new works by renowned French graffiti artist Alexone. This much anticipated solo show will feature paintings in spraypaint and acrylic on paper and canvas. This show will also see the release of a new screen print hand pulled by the artist.

Born In 1976 Alexone now lives and works in Paris. Coming from a graffiti background he rose to fame in the early 90’s with his striking letter-based tags (under the name of Oedipe - Oedipus) appearing on the streets of Paris. Since then his distinctive work has won him a reputation far beyond France and exhibitions all over Europe, among them Paris, Hamburg, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels. Alexöne regularly collaborates with other urban artists, among them members of the GM and 9e Concept groups. With whom he exhibited in a group show in the Pompidou Centre in January this year.

The humans or animals that figure in Alexöne’s work are often humorous and playful, his bright colours, eccentric characters and hilarious scenes easily provoking laughter. He also likes to include lots of references and curious associations of ideas, generating a real sense of closeness between the artist and the viewer who gets the point. Yet Alexöne’s work offers more than pictorial humour. A closer look reveals a grave unease, this excess of crazy jokes, disguises, contortions and fantastical animals inducing a sense of obscure disturbance. This ambivalence of humour and unease is a crucial element of the work, provoking in the viewer a questioning that leaves a lasting impression.

Alexone’s first book “Came A Yeux” (Drugs For The Eyes) was published last year by Kitchen 93. Signed copies of which will be on sale throughout the exhibition.

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