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Friday, 26 March 2010

Chish & Fips and the neon birds

Keep an eye out for anything to with East London's hottest illuminated art collective Chish & Fips. These are their amazing neon birds, exclusively available from Fandango, Essex Rd, Islington.

East London Art Collective Chish & Fips have been working together since 2004 producing works in collaboration with local commercial enterprises and businesses, where they prefer to show, shunning the more traditional systems of art exhibition.

Their artistic practice blurs the lines between fine art, decorative objects and functional items


Monday, 22 March 2010

Urban Art At The Foundry - 25/03/10

Downstairs at Ye Olde Street's 'The Foundry'.
LAB favorite 'The Krah' and friends come together to celebrate the launch of his brand new clothing line,
with Urban Art at the Foundry.
Featuring The Krah, Dr. D, Rugman, RYCA, Teddy Baden, THE5683, Milo Tchais (from Brazil), Zadok, Justin Harrison and many more...limited edition art prints from ours truly (LAB) and the coolest street-wear from Roktic.
Art, Music, Drinks, T-Shirts simply how it should always be!
From 7:00PM TIL 11:30PM
show runs: 26/03/10 - 4/04/10
Free entry- Foundry 86 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3JL


Sunday, 21 March 2010


'Hasadhu In The Night Before A Storm'
StolenSpace Gallery
Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL.02-18 April.

Usugrow started drawing in 1993 by creating punk rock flyers. Now, as well as still being hugely successful as a commercial designer for album covers, fashion brands & skate companies, the Japanese-born artist has been exhibiting his fine art in galleries all over the world and his black and white illustrations have become instantly recognizable. Heavily influenced by Los Angeles 'Cholo' style graffiti fused with the spiritual skills of Asian calligraphy. In his work he very often beautifully portrays opposing elements such as delicate lines and unique lettering style, skulls and flowers, yin and yang and of course his palette of black and white,. He believes that this is everyday life and living proof that these opposing elements can exist together.



A couple of weeks go we ran a competition to win some Superoboturbo prints. All you had to do was email us with what you thought was going on in his latest print. There are some VERY strange people out there (you know who you are!). We have selected five winners and would like to share their stories.

He used to be able to make her smile. (by Mark Stevenson)

Time was, when she was feeling low, he'd put a record on - some knowingly ironic un-funk, squelchy synths and clipping drum machines - and make an exhibition of himself.  Awkward dancing was something that came naturally to him: he had two left feet and neither of them seemed to know what the other was doing.  He'd realised a long time ago that he couldn't dance, and she knew it too.  In fact, she loved him for it, in a stupid lind of way.  He'd look a dick, but she'd laugh and throw a cushion at him, and the clouds would part to reveal a crystal blue sky.

Lately, though, the clouds had grown heavy and dark, and all the bad dancing in the world couldn't lift them.  He watched her for hours trying to figure out what was going on behind her eyes.  Something had occupied her mind, it seemed, and he didn't know how to dispell this unwelcome visitor.  And so he danced, with feet of lead and a strange feeling in his chest.  He didn't know what else to do.

Lovebirds (by Steven Janssens)

The character on the left is a woman (a ”bird”), hence the little bird in the head. She is madly in love (check out the heart on her right knee) with the guy on the right. She has clearly expressed her feelings to the guy; her mask came off as they say (here in Belgium), she hides her feelings no longer.  You can see the artist has taken this “mask came off” thing pretty seriously; she holds her mask in her arms.

The guy has clearly got mixed emotions; he still doesn’t know whether or not to let his feelings go freely or not. He is in emotional turmoil, crying and generally into a “not knowing what to do kinda state of mind”. He wants to run away ! He ponders between love (left side of head; heart coming out) and hate (right side, the little thunderstorm icon). What’s even worse, he has got butterflies in his stomach but doesn’t interpret this correctly. “I just ate a large curry and that’s causing this odd-stomachy-feeling... This ain’t love”.

The bird remains calm and quiet... She knows he will understand soon. The “understanding” meaning they will both speak the same language. Yes indeed, you will have noticed the bloke has got a little bird on his hand... Soon these two birds will talk to each other, meaning they will let go of all fears. You can even see the bird on the bloke’s hand is looking into the direction of the girlie bird. Aaah there is an opening. Lovebirds... Ain’t it beautiful !

The ballad of chirpy and quirky
(by Fe Murray)
Sailing on a cloud of light early one spring morning quirky heard a sound of pure delight. It was bright and clear echoing around his ears hypnotizing him with each sweet melodic strain. He circled round the heavens casting beams of rainbow light down to earth..for he must illuminate this enchanting sound and immerse himself in its charm.

Then the shiniest prism of light danced over his retinas and carried with it the dynamic electro funk of chirpy’s song. Quirky’s ears buzzed with lightning and he wept with joy at the sound of that pure harmony. There Chirpy stood.. with head in her hands humility and the most dazzling jewel colors emitting from her diamond lips forming perfect prism notes that reflected straight into Quirky’s soul.

Together their palettes formed all the colors of the universe and every tune of love into the ever-after.

(by Forrest Clingerman)

She wanted to find a way to his heart after all the pain she caused. “A bird in the head is worth two in the bush,” she thought.  Timid, shy, clutching her bag like a schoolgirl.  But her unfaithfulness bled through, as the illicit phone number within seemed to transform her bag into the visage of her lover.
In desperation, she opened her mind to him - for the first time - as he was walking away for the last time. 
He, on the other hand, was conflicted.  The chirping of the bird reminded him of times past.  Tears flowed as he thought of everything he had given up: his status, his livelihood, his starting position with Ajax.  But although his words were filled with jagged corners, his heart spoke a different language.  It was a language that dripped onto the floor in pools of desire and love, death and life.  Even in his loins he felt the danger.  His passion was unabated by his reason.
As he ran away, leaving feelings on the floor for the janitor to clean up, he held on to the reminder of the bird in her head. 


Friday, 5 March 2010

Sister Corita 'The Screen Printing Nun'

Corita Kent, also known as Sister Mary Corita, gained international fame for her vibrant serigraphs during the 1960s and 1970s.
her print the lord is with thee won first place in printmaking at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as well as countless anti-war, Peace on Earth and general activist screenprints.
prints. Hallelujah and praise be to one of the screenprinting greats. Check her site and have read.
NYC 09 Show pics


Thursday, 4 March 2010

Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant - London

A while back an amazing, talented, extremely special friend of ours dreamed of an idea to create a travelling food paradise. He would turn up at any strange kitchen and create miracles, food, fun and laughter. Always believing in the freshest of ingredients and it's provenance, but strangely not believing that Ice Cream could be made in England.
His legacy has opened it's doors in the form of the 'Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant' This is seriously undercover and in the spirit of the original Speakeasies so don't tell the cops.
Email to book UKnomadchef@googlemail.com

A secret restaurant in heart of Holland Park where an ever changing group of adventurous, interesting, eclectic food lovers meet to eat food from all over the world, and share stories and artifacts of their lives... in the true Nomad tradition.
Treat yourself, why not go out painting after.....
Peace and Love Shaka!



LAB good friends Busk, Run & Blam present East is East with Nasimo and Kennardphillipps. Launch Thursday from 6pm.
Formans Smokehouse Gallery, Stour road, Fish Island, Hackney Wick, E3 2NT.


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Angelique Houtkamp at Nelly Duff 04/03/10

Angelique Houtkamp is awesome, go see her latest show at Nelly Duff this weekend.
3 day pop-up show Opening view: Thursday, 4th March 2010, 6 - 9 PM
RSVP to suzanne@nellyduff.com
156 columbia road, london e2 7rg


Hit & Run London Crew Launch Party 11/03/10

HIT & RUN are amazing LAB saw them a couple years back when the LA team were in town and all walked out with our own personalized shirts.
'HIT+RUN a collection of exclusive single-color silkscreen designs are available for guests to personally select their own combination and placement of the designs'.
THURSDAY 11th MARCH - 8PM - 2AM THE BOOK CLUB, 100 Leonard street, EC2A 4RH.
FaceBOOKEM to book yourself in.
Featuring artwork by
SHEONE, OTWO, MARK WARD, ALFA & one of our favourite Tattoo specialists CHARLIE SHAZER.

HIT+RUN was created in 2005 by Southern California artists Brandy Flower and Mike Crivello. Inspired by the contagious enthusiasm from small screenprinting parties in their homes, friend's studios and local gallery spaces; HIT+RUN’s live screenprinting crew can now be seen at music festivals, parties, exhibitions, events and happenings around the world.


Skullduggerous at the Pure Evil Gallery 04/03/10

SKULLDUGGEROUS OPENING NIGHT- OPEN TO ALL 6-9PM Thursday 4th March at the Pure Evil Gallery.
The ‘Skulduggerous’ group show features artworks inspired by the corporate crime and skullduggery behind the World’s worst industrial disaster – the 1984 Union Carbide gas leak in Bhopal, India. Proceeds of art sales go 100% to the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

LAB regulars Rugman, Pure Evil, Stick, Adam Mallett, Sztuka Fabryka & many more are all involved get on down and support the cause.
Thursday 04th March at the Pure Evil Gallery
Leonard St. London, United Kingdom


Superoboturbo New print release with LAB 05/03/10

From our Dutch Robo bustin cousin and LAB superstar is our second release in March available Friday from LittleArtBook.com


Rugman's World Police print release 05/03/10 with LAB

LAB new print release from the mighty Rugman this Friday 5th March stay tuned!
Here's a taster........