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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant - London

A while back an amazing, talented, extremely special friend of ours dreamed of an idea to create a travelling food paradise. He would turn up at any strange kitchen and create miracles, food, fun and laughter. Always believing in the freshest of ingredients and it's provenance, but strangely not believing that Ice Cream could be made in England.
His legacy has opened it's doors in the form of the 'Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant' This is seriously undercover and in the spirit of the original Speakeasies so don't tell the cops.
Email to book UKnomadchef@googlemail.com

A secret restaurant in heart of Holland Park where an ever changing group of adventurous, interesting, eclectic food lovers meet to eat food from all over the world, and share stories and artifacts of their lives... in the true Nomad tradition.
Treat yourself, why not go out painting after.....
Peace and Love Shaka!

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