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Friday, 8 August 2008

Draw On The Walls - Brighton

The good people at Visual Imprints are offering the chance to draw on the walls, play your own music and drink your own booze. This Saturday from 8pm on the Brighton Seafront. 9-12 Middle Street Brighton.

Visual Imprints are holding there first draw on the walls event down at the artspace just off the seafront in Brighton this Saturday at 8pm!

If you have ever been in a gallery and wanted to draw on the walls, this event is for you... They are inviting people to draw all over the gallery wall, and on the tonne of canvases we are scattering all over. The artwork will be left up all week for everyone to see and we will be auctioning off the canvases people have drawn on during the night, so you can buy your own masterpiece back again!

A few of the resident artists will be down and creating stuff during the night too, so you could catch a bargain!

All the money raised helps us to keep the space running and fund new artists works and projects.

If you are in or near Brighton and fancy something a bit different to start your Saturday night out then come down, chat to the artists, draw on the wall and listen to some tunes. Bring your own alcohol and save some cash too!

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