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Monday, 28 January 2008

The Krah - Profile

The Krah is one of the most known and cutting edge street artists to come out of Greece. Brought up in Athens he started graffiti from a very young age starting off as a common vandal tagging his neighbourhood and working his way up to his first characters sprayed on a wall in 1997.

Inspired by the street art scene he started creating comics, posters and flyers (for punk gigs and underground raves) before landing his first full time job as an illustrator working for a skate wear company in Athens called ‘Nicotine’. His talents earned him a spot in the SR Squad, one of the top graffiti crews in Athens notorious for doing graffiti on both the subway and metro lines. SR Squad quickly became known around the graffiti scene in Europe through graffiti magazines, videos and from frequent inter-rail tours around Europe. In his late teens he went to study illustration in the UK where he was drafted into the
101 crew and continued to terrorise the trains for many years to come.
He frequently visits Athens, and together with b. was one of the first graffiti artists in Greece that moved from the classic graffiti style to using paint brushes, stencils and other techniques to draw in the streets.
Now he lives a life of leisure and works as a freelance illustrator. However, he still finds time to be an active street artist living and scribbling all over London. His passion is particularly evident in the streets around Brick Lane and Shoreditch areas of East London. His street art can be seen in websites like:
Wooster collective, Eco-system and Art-Crimes. Occasionally he even puts down his paint brush to attend live painting graffiti festivals such as Write4Gold, Sleeping Giants and Meeting of Styles.
Many of his characters have found their way onto the pages of numerous magazines and books all over Europe and he has also worked as an animator for an on-line computer games company.
He is continually exhibiting and has held previous exhibitions in Tokyo Japan, Athens Greece and in the U.K.

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