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Sunday, 14 December 2008

New Print - Signed by Prodigy members!

Our latest screen print for the Prodigy has been a very exciting new venture for us. We've been working on a project with the Prodigy for a while to release a series of screen prints by different artists. The series is called Prodigy Versus. The first print is Prodigy Vs Mo. Mo Coppoletta is one of the most respected tattoo artists working at the moment. Over the next year we will be releasing more in the series.

Each 5 colour screen print is of an edition of only 50 yellow and 50 pink on Somerset paper and is signed and numbered by Mo, but also by ALL the members of the Prodigy. Priced at 250GBP. The prints are blind stamped by LAB and also by the Prodigy.

Available as always at http://www.littleartbook.com/

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