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Friday, 15 May 2009


Ben Eine gets mathematical for the Guinness book of records most colours in a print.

Down in a garage on Shacklewell St to a soundtrack of old skool beats history was being made, or more correctly displayed. A new screenprint world record - made up of a massive 12,000 screen 'pulls'. Impressive stuff.

The maths isn't easy. Each print, designed by artist Ben EINE, is made up of his signature ABC. In this case all 25 letters of the alphabet (wait isn't there one missing?) are laid out, then each print set has an ink layer added to it. There are 77 colours in total (plus a 78th a final gloss layer). With each layer taking up to 4 hours to dry the new world record took over 2 months from first layer to completion. It was obviously worth the wait.

Thursdays exhibition was bussssy. People queued to secure a print from a flame-painted people carrier a la grease lightning. Traditional artisan screenprinting continues to wow...

Roxanne Courtman
Photos. Nicola Searle

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