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Monday, 15 June 2009

June 09 - Newsletter


LAB can never be accused of bombarding your inboxes with hundredes of updates. It’s now been a good number of months since we have had any contact. Our last big show was BAZAART, and what a show that turned out to be!

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to go there are some great photos on flickr. Here is a photoset by Romany. While on flickr check out some of the images from the new Banksy versus Bristol show at the Bristol Museum. Here is a good start eddiedangerous

Quietly in the background we have been working on some very secret projects too. Some of the projects have been so secretive we don't even tell each other the details but all will be revealed in the coming months.

New Prints
LAB has been conspicuous by it’s absence of female artists, so the release of our latest two prints will go some of the way to addressing this. Erin Forsyth is originally from New Zealand and now divides her time between there and Melbourne. Her first print with LAB is a beautifully detailed single colour giclee print. Welcome Erin!
Our second print release is by Bonbon. Bonbon was instrumental in organising the BAZAART show. This print was first seen at the show. Her cousin introduced her to marvellous parallel universes at the age of 5 and she never returned to earth completely. Relatively new to the streets of London, her love for sci-fi has created all sorts of mischievous Barbarellas about town. Each print is lovingly hand finished with splashes of colour. Welcome Bonbon!

LAB Print Draw
Yes, the LAB monthly print draw is still running and we are three months behind in announcing winners, so this calls for three winners.

Mr. D Bird (Unknown), Mr. A Hill (Sydney), Mr. J. Lloyd (London)

Please drop us an email with your preferred LAB print and address details.

Next Month
Superoboturbo will be returning to LAB with and even more super technicolour print than his first. We are also working on the second print in the Prodigy Versus series. The artist chosen by the band is a very well known and loved young man around the urban art scene. We can't wait to see the final artwork and get started making the print.

And finally.....
We would like to show our appreciation and say thank you for your support over the past year by way of a £25 ($50 AUD) voucher to spend on a LAB print in June. Just go to the LAB site, purchase your favourite print, and use this promotional code

Just in case you are having trouble deciding which print you should choose to use your voucher on, let me introduce you to the BAZAART print releases - Fake (Holland), Focus (UK), Vilchez (Spain), and Rourke Van Dal (UK).

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