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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Great Bristol Art Sale

From the great folks who bring your yearly Upfest dose, The Great Bristol Art Sale is a Christmas delight opening up doors tomorrow night the 2nd of December from 6.30. Go get yourself a Christmas cracker a better gift than you'd find in any store.
Wilder Gallery, 131 Wilder Street, Bristol

Featuring:- 20/20,Abide,Adam Mclevey,Agent Provocateur,Ben Slow,Boon,Chiba Love,Danny O'Connor,David Walker,DBO,European Bob,Fake,FarkFK,Finbar,Goin,Id-iom,Ikkeno,Ian Phenna,Jack Tierney,JK47,Julian Kimmings,K74,Lee Ellis,Levi C,Martin Whatson,Matti,Mish Mash,My Dog Sighs,Myne,Nol,Pete Street,Phil Blake,Rose Popay aka The Art Tart,Schlomo,Sebastian Pape,Sergei,Snik,Snub23,SPQR,Stickee,Teddy Girl,TM,Tribe1,Zee Zee

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