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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Random Cuts's Mr Yacob is borne again -

Thanks to Mr. Yacob, the one time silent member of the Cuts family, the show at the star is being touted as 'the last great amateur effort from the over sized brain of Randomcuts'.
Having fallen out with most of his peers, Mr. Yacob has decided to go against his natural formula and try something, in his words 'dark and diggy', creating an atmosphere that would cause dizziness to a normal sized cat, while Randomcuts concentrates on provoking your thoughts through your eyeballs by filling 'The Star' with their truly eclectic collection of soon to be 'professional' artworks and visuals.
Quote from Mr.Yacob,'this ain't Tate Modern babe, this is proper east!'
Star of Bethnal Green,tomorrow night the 15th April.
Music, booze and CMYK hue's this is the art show for you!!!

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