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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Museum of Everything - London

The brand new Museum of Everything’s first show is called "secret art". Jarvis Cocker and co promise to unveil some of the greatest artistic secrets and secret artists of the contemporary world.

Corner of Regents Park Road & Sharpleshall St, NW1
10am–6pm daily

In tiny crevices and under dusty beds, there lies a secret creativity by the unknowns of society. Unexpected, delicate and profound, this democratic work has inspired the world’s greatest artists.

In Exhibition #1, the museum presents over two hundred drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations, selected by leading contemporary artists, curators and cultural figures.

Come see their discoveries revealed for the very first time - at London’s only public space for art by the untrained, unintentional and unseen creators of this, our modern world.

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