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Friday, 9 October 2009

What the Fudge? It's God Save The Cream

'The Icecreamists' opened a Guerrilla Ice Cream installation down in Selfridges, Oxford Street, London last month. Show runs til November 1st so get yourself down and indulge with the Queen of Cream, live Music and don't forget to try the Ice Cream.

• Cryogenic Cocktails made with liquid nitrogen and served at your table, including The Icecreamists signature ice cream cocktail, the ‘God Save the Cream’ - a ‘reverse flambé’ served at a blistering -196 degrees

• An exciting menu of sweet and savoury ice creams including The Gordon’s Glory - a 21st century reimagining of the knickerbockerglory and The Sex Pistol - a natural stimulant ice cream served in a glass accompanied by a shot of absinthe in a pink water pistol.

• The Sundae Lunch, fresh pea sorbet with a hint of mint, beef bouillon and horseradish sorbet with a Yorkshire Pudding crisp and an apple and blackberry crumble gelato.

• The Chocolate Volcano - their exclusive eye-wateringly calorific ‘Diet Destroyer’. This promiscuous little number has led to one-night-stands, life-long romances, affairs and even marriage proposals. So breathtakingly outrageous and immoral it could be banned under the Obscenity Laws. Submit to X-rated molten Belgian chocolate sauce poured onto a mountain of Ecuadorean Dark Chocolate Ice Cream and served with fresh seasonal fruit.

• Artisan ice creams exclusively designed by Italy’s acclaimed gelato master Roberto Lobrano using authentic ingredients from around the world. Gourmet flavours include Tahitian Vanilla, Venezuelan Chocolate, Argentinian Dulce De Leche and North African Spiced Cinnamon.

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